Here is a comprehensive list of all our services. To get pricing, please call us at (305) 900-9419 or reach out via email. To book services, visit our Schedule Services page.


Let your dog enjoy a fantastic walk around the neighborhood, while they relieve themselves, sniff every tree they desire, and meet new friends. Our visits can be focused on active play, training exercises, or just free time. This is great for owners who need to run errands, spending long hours at work, or are gone out of town.

We will also clean any accidents that may have happened inside, fill their bowls with fresh food and cold water, and even do light chores while we’re there.


We speak Meow! Your cat has a unique personality and we want to hear all about it. From the extremely shy to the laser chasers, these visits have something for each of them. We can have them chase their toys and paper balls, or just enjoy a great massage while we play some music. These visits are for the true cat lover, who knows their cat deserves the best.


If your pup needs some extra special time, we can pet sit by the hour. These visits are perfect for puppies, elderly dog’s, or dog’s that absolutely love the extra attention. Our attention is all on them, and we’ll make sure they feel spoiled and loved like never before! These visits require a two hour minimum.


So your pet likes to cuddle and may need to sleep on someone’s neck or between their legs. We totally get it. Rest assured we can stay in your home and pamper your pet. We’ll send you those nightly updates on our walks and games, and how they sleep every night.

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If you don’t have a furry animal but still want the added benefits of someone keeping a watchful eye on your home, we offer daily visits for you too. We’ll grab your mail, water your plants, and switch your lights on. Whether your in a different city or different continent, we can keep you updated on what is going in your home.

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