About Us.

Like many sitters, this story started out with an adorable puggle named Harlem. Back in 2006, Harlem was brought into our home and transformed our lives. I had become obsessed and wanted to give him the very best any dog could have. I saw how important our animals are to our daily lives and the level of joy they can bring us, and he wanted to give the same kind of love to everyone’s pets.

In 2012, after finishing my degree in Biology right here in Miami shores, I started Four Paws Pet Care. The need for amazing pet care was at an all-time high, and the city of Miami adores their animals. It started with an idea that we wanted to give this outstanding care to pets and to owners. And we wanted to keep it simple.

Miami is a very busy city and many of us work hard so that our pets have this wonderful life next to us. Our services have allowed owners to feel guilt free that their pup is not holding it until they get home, or travel with the whole family because they don’t have to leave someone behind to watch Fido. And our updates make you feel happy and warm inside even if you’re a thousand miles away.

What separates us from many sitters is that we understand that this isn’t just a job. These are your fur-babies, and your home’s that you are entrusting with us. We want you to meet us, feel 100% comfortable that you have the right person for your needs, and let us give you the peace of mind over and over until it’s exactly what you expect.